Monday, September 5, 2016

Andrea & Joseph | Will Rogers Park | Oklahoma City, OK Engagement Photographer | Michelle Valantine Photography

Engaged couple standing on wooden bridge, embraced and about to kiss under a very large tree.

They had just come from an Anime Convention at Will Rogers Park when we met for our consult, so when we started talking about the details of their Engagement Session, it was easy to determine Will Rogers Park as their location.  We met early Labor Day morning, just when the sun's rays started peeking over the tops of the large trees.  Flowers were blooming all around us in every color of the rainbow.  The perfect setting for a couple in love.

He picked an amazing day to propose...her birthday!  They spent the day with her family, and he asked her parents for their blessing.  When they returned home that evening, he told her that her birthday present was hidden in the kitchen.  She finally discovered it in a very tall cabinet she rarely was a ring!

Anime Conventions are one of their favorite things to do together.  They enjoy attending about 3 or 4 a year.  In fact, when they first met, their favorite game to play together was Divinity.  She recalled how they used to spend hours playing together, which was valuable time getting to know one another.  They described themselves to me as geeks, but what I saw was a tender and sweet connection.  And it was my pleasure capturing it for them.

Engaged couple sitting on a bench in a field of flowers.

Engaged couple holding hands in a field of flowers as they will soon do on their wedding day.

Engaged couple enjoying holding hands and whispering sweet nothings.

Engaged couple nestled in one another's arms by a field of flowers whispering "I love you."

A starburst draws your attention and symbolizes how their love for one another is as bright as a star.

Engaged couple laughing and running hand in hand through a garden of colorful flowers.

Engaged couple enjoying holding hands and walking together through a garden of flowers.

Engaged couple walking holding hands and laughing; shot from below looking up at their faces.

Unique ring shot captured from below of the couple holding hands and smiling at one another.

Nestled on top of boulders, engaged couple is cuddled together, touching hands, he has just told her one thing he loves about her.

Couple smiles with their excitement of beginning their engagement photo shoot.

Congratulations Joseph and Andrea!  I can't wait till next August rolls around!

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